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The 10 Best Cannabis Dispensary Displays

cannabis dispensary displays

As cannabis laws evolve, more states are legalizing and dispensaries continue to open. Helping customers understand products, options, and other important info is critical, and cannabis dispensary displays and visual signage can play a key role in growing sales.

For many customers, dispensaries and cannabis products can be confusing and overwhelming. The top producing cannabis retail locations not only have a knowledgeable staff, but also visual merchandising solutions that help answer the most common questions customers have while helping them navigate the plethora of products on display.

In the following, we break down the 10 best cannabis retail displays that can help your business' bottom line.

What are the most common locations for cannabis dispensary displays and signage? 

Our dispensary clients use our displays in numerous areas of their stores and retail locations:

  1. Store entrances
  2. Showroom floor
  3. Inside display cases
  4. Countertops
  5. Shelf graphics
  6. Wall category headers
  7. Behind cash registers and checkout areas
  8. Store windows
  9. Shelf risers
  10. Queuing system for lines

Entrance Signs

Make a statement with cannabis dispensary entrance signs and displays. Often the first impression, entrance signage will help your brand and messaging be front and center as customers arrive. Some great options include our new Lollipop stands, SnapFrame pedestal stands, and Perfex Signframes

cannabis dispensary entrance signs displays

Showroom Floor Stands

Cannabis shoppers are visual in nature, and our poster signholders and display banner stands are the perfect addition for welcoming and educating your customers. 

cannabis dispensary floor stands signs displays

Inside Cannabis Dispensary Display Case Products

As shoppers view your products, display cases can offer the perfect location for vibrant signage that organizes your items. Our tabletop signholders are sleek and visually appealing. 

cannabis dispensary display case signs displays

Cannabis Countertop Displays

Popular amongst many cannabis retail stores and dispensaries are the countertop displays that make it simple for improving your merchandising. Arctop signholders, countertop Perfex frames, and our wireform pillowcase stands all get the job done. 

cannabis dispensary countertop signs displays

Shelf Edge Graphics

Shelf edge graphics help cannabis dispensary locations display sales info, pricing, and other important info, all from a sleek and small footprint. We offer metal shelf talkers in both side load and top load configurations, and signback mounts for your convenience. 

cannabis dispensary shelf edgesigns displays

Wall Category Headers & Signs

From floating standoff mounts, to Charisma mini silicone edge graphics (SEG) and Perfex hanging signframes, coming up with the right way to display header graphics just got easier. These headers are also easy to rebrand when needed. 

cannabis dispensary header signs displays

Behind Cash Register Displays and Signage

Behind the cash register is often one of the most noticeable and viewed signage in cannabis dispensaries and stores. We make these easy with EasyOpen SnapFrames, Charisma mini SEG, and Slim Profile LED light boxes that will stand out from competitors. 

cannabis dispensary register signs displays

Cannabis Store Window Graphics & Signs

Cannabis store window graphics can not only drive traffic, but also drive brand awareness. Keep eyeballs on your location with aluminum case snapgraphics, Charisma double sided light boxes, and economical plastic grippers

cannabis dispensary window graphics signs displays

Steel Shelf Risers

Display more cannabis merchandise and make it more visible using our steel risers. Custom sizes and colors are also available in 25+ quantities. 

cannabis dispensary shelf risers signs displays

Branded Line Queuing System

As each state and city regulates cannabis dispensary operations, controlling the number of customers, checking ID’s, and other logistics are common. Our Crowd Q Stands can help organize the traffic while at the same time amplifying your branding. 

cannabis dispensary line queuing stands

View the Cannabis Retail Visual Solutions Catalog

As you see, there are a number of great cannabis dispensary display and visual merchandising solutions to choose from. Determining your budget, goals, and unique store layout will help steer you to the best products. To view all of the products mentioned in the article, view our cannabis retail solutions catalog here and cannabis products online today!

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