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How to Wow Customers with Grocery Store Displays and Signs

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For grocery stores and supermarkets alike, creating an enjoyable experience for customers is a top priority. One way to do that is through the use of grocery store displays and signs that will help store visitors navigate the space, learn about products and sales, and answer common questions that otherwise get directed to staff members.

Not only do the right grocery store displays, graphics, and signage help customers, but they are also useful for staff, shelf stockers, vendors, and other suppliers. In the following, we’ll take a look at some of the best display options on the market that will help grocery store retailers wow their customers and keep them coming back. 

Step 1: Determining Your Needs

Since every grocery store chain and smaller retailers have unique spaces and layouts, evaluating your current store should be step one. A few common considerations include:

  • What types of displays and signage are currently in use? Should they stay or do they need to be updated and refreshed?
  • What are the common questions customers seem to be asking?
  • Is there confusion finding certain items?
  • Do customers constantly ask for help with specific products?

Store managers and purchasing managers can take a look at the most pressing needs and their overall budgets to help prioritize the products that will make the biggest impact at their particular stores. 

Step 2: Evaluating Available Grocery Store Display Products

Now that you have a clear vision of how your store should look and what is needed, it’s time to evaluate the merchandising solutions that will meet those requirements. Display Stop carries a wide range of grocery store items, such as rail hangers, hang on perimeter rails, halo rails, aisle markers, SEG fabric frames, drop in graphic frames and stands, pedestal frames, shelf talkers and more. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of those below:

grocery store supermarket displays

Rail Systems

Grocery store rail systems are modular,  allowing you to choose and customize rails, brackets and hangers. These fixtures allow for easy and attractive graphics and signage to be displayed in various areas, such as the produce section.  The rails can be round, square or extruded profiles, cut to any size, connected in series, and finished in virtually any color. In addition, brackets are laser cut steel, electrically welded, with a powder coated finish. Our hangers are also all metal and formed to hang on the rail of choice. 

Aisle Markers

Aisle markers, also known as grocery aisle signs or store aisle signs, help customers find their way, get the information they need, and create a cohesive environment throughout your store. Our Stellar Aisle Markers offer single or double wing arms, variable arm and upright lengths, straight or curved style arms, and different upright and base choices. Don’t see the aisle marker that you require? We also offer custom units built specifically for your needs. 

aisle markers

Pedestal, Snap, and Drop-In Graphic Frames

Grocery store customers are highly visual and the use of sign frames can be extremely helpful to them. From showcasing new products, to highlighting sales and offers or now hiring signs, these versatile units are great for grocery stores. With wall, floor, hanging, and countertop frames that snap in a cinch or allow graphics to be dropped in, we make it easy for your messaging to stand out. 

Metal Shelf Talkers

Custom shelf talkers put your message where it’s most effective… near the product being offered. All units are steel and built to last while offering both horizontally oriented and top loading or side loading configurations. The Top Load Shelf Talkers are most commonly used where retailers want to store multiple graphics, or where the four sided framed look is visually desirable. The Side Load Shelf Talkers are most often used where only a single paper graphic will be held and the minimal visible hardware is desirable.

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As you see, we offer a number of grocery store display and sign options to help maximize your shelf and counter space as well as your floor and hanging hardware. Besides the products listed, we have 100’s of other products that can be customized for your brand. Shop our full line-up of grocery displays here or view our full catalog for more inspiration. 

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