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The Ultimate Guide to Rigid Graphic Stands

rigid graphic stands

When it comes to branding and visual displays, there are numerous rigid graphic stands to get your message across. Whether you need these graphics for your office, warehouse, retail, school, or other facilities, they are vibrant and made to last. 

Because there are so many options on the market, it might be overwhelming and confusing to decide what is best for your particular budget and needs. In the following guide, we take a look at the most popular rigid graphic stands and how they can help achieve your visual display goals. Before doing so, it is important to think about a few things:

Where do you plan on placing your rigid graphic stands? 

For any branding and signage, placement is crucial to maximize impressions and effectiveness. Determining your ideal placement locations, along with the available footprints will help with choosing sizes and products. For example, if floor space is at a premium, tabletop stands might be your best bet. If you want to make a bigger statement and have more room, larger rigid graphic floor stands can be the best choice. You will also want to determine if the stands will be solely used indoors or if you need the option for outdoor use.

Do you plan on updating the graphics frequently? 

For some, the ability to easily swap and update the rigid graphics is important as their marketing campaigns or other messaging fluctuates. Thinking ahead can help narrow down the best choices for your stands. For some clients, using a local print shop works well, while others prefer to have new graphics shipped. In either case, the rigid graphic stands are easy to update with new graphics, allowing you the ultimate in flexibility.

When working with Display Stop, we offer a number of popular rigid graphic stands, including:

Floor Mounted Stands​

Floor mounts, or floor mounted stands, allow for the ultimate graphic displays, due to their ability to hold different substrates and heights. Graphics are inserted into the stand's base, which are held in tightly while offering a simple set up. The floor mounted stands can use gatorboard, sintra, dibond, coroplast, foam board, or coroplast graphics.


  • Fixed Width Skyscraper Mounts™
  • Mightee Mounts™
  • Double LL Mounts™
  • Skyscraper Mounts™
  • Curvette Mounts™
  • Adjustable Double LL Mounts™
  • Simple Standees Round Tubing™
  • Square Tubing Standees™

Tabletop Mounted Stands​

Table mounts, or table mounted stands, are compact and sturdy, allowing you to add your graphics and signs on tables and countertops. Simply insert your graphics which are held in securely by the steel base. The tabletop mounted stands can use gatorboard, sintra, dibond, coroplast, foam board, or coroplast graphics.


  • CounterTop Double LL Mounts
  • Mini Mightee™

Poster Signholder Stands​

Poster SignHolder stands are ideal for use at entrances and throughout your retail location, hotel, and event to make your brand messaging stand out. With double-sided displays, your signage can be seen from all directions and the aluminum construction makes these stands durable and portable.


  • Economy Poster SignHolders
  • Poster SignHolders
  • Convex Poster SignHolders™
  • Convex SignHolders
  • Titan Poster SignHolders™
  • Information Centers
  • Lollipop Stands
  • Quest Banner / Sign Stands™
  • Pallet SignHolders

Floating Wall Mounts​

Our floating wall mounts allow you to display rigid media with a frameless design, for a sleek and sophisticated look. This new modern way to display digital prints are set off the wall an inch creating a floating effect, frameless, with no visible hardware.

Common materials used for graphics: Sintra/EPVC, Foamcore, ACM/Dibond, dye sublimation panels/Chromalux, and more.



  • Floating StandOff Mounts

Rigid Graphic Stands- A Great Display and Branding Solution

As you see, rigid graphic stands offer a ton of flexibility, affordability, designs, and options to help your visual displays get noticed. These units are durable and also portable, allowing our customers the ability to move them to different locations when needed. In addition, with easy to change graphics, the signs can be swapped in just a moments notice.

Ready to implement rigid graphic stands into your display arsenal? Contact us with any questions or place your order for rapid shipping!