We are committed to the environment and being green.

We understand the need for responsible and eco-friendly signs, displays, and products to help reduce waste. Our commitment to using recycled materials, recycling waste, and providing more sustainable options is critical to our mission. 

eco friendly signs displays

Of our scrap metals are recycled.


Commitment to recycling all eligible materials.


Of our boxes are made of recycled materials.

We mainly use recyclable aluminum, steel and corrugated/cardboard to minimize our footprint.

Eco Friendly Signs and Displays Policy


  • Aluminum, steel and corrugated are our major material components.
  • 25% of our Aluminum currently comes from recycled billet, and will increase as more becomes available.
  • Steel recycled content currently averages 58%.
  • Corrugated medium and liner board (boxes) currently average 70% recycled content.


  • Our manufacturer is undergoing a company-wide conversion to energy-saving LED lighting, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Local Supply

  • Our U.S. manufacturer utilizes local suppliers reducing transportation impact.
  • The carbon footprint of a Toyota Prius built in Asia is greater than a Chevrolet Surburban built in the U.S.


  • Many of our designs are telescopic, facilitating less packaging and transportation.


  • 88% of our scrap metals are recycled.
  • 60% of our corrugated waste is converted into usable packaging.
  • We routinely recycle returned, damaged or obsolete products and materials.


  • Our products have always been known for extraordinary reliability and therefore have longer lives then our competitors’ products.
  • If our products last longer, the carbon footprint is less.  Product life impacts the environment more than any other factor.

What are Eco Friendly Signs and Displays?

Eco friendly signs and displays are those that have been manufactured using sustainable materials and processes. This means that they have a smaller environmental footprint than traditional signs and displays, and can help to reduce the overall impact of your business on the planet.

Additionally, eco friendly signs and displays are often made from recycled materials, such as aluminum, steel, cardboard or paper. Eco friendly signs and displays are usually printed using water-based inks, which are less harmful to the environment than oil-based inks. These can be an important part of your company’s green marketing strategy, and can help to show your customers that you are committed to reducing your impact on the environment.

Lastly, eco friendly signs and displays are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses look for ways to reduce their environmental impact. If you are looking for eco friendly signage and displays for your business, Display Stop will continue striving to reduce our footprint. 

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