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SEG Light Box | Light Box Frame & Stands

We specialize in made to order, custom SEG and snapframe light box frames and stands.

seg light box frame stand

Which light box is right for you?

SEG light boxes use silicone edge tension fabric that is stretched around the frame (SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics). The frames contain internal lighting to create a beautifully lit graphic. 

SEG/LED Slim Profile Light Boxes

Mounting Options: Wall, Ceiling, Floor

One of the thinnest light boxes in the industry. 3″ deep light box provides slim profile light box with powerful edge lighting.  

Single Sided Light Boxes

Mounting Options: Wall, Ceiling, Floor

4-3/4″ SEG lightbox offers substantial frame with room for light to disperse and help graphics pop.

Double Sided Light Boxes

Mounting Options: Ceiling or Floor

4-3/4″ deep, double sided SEG light box with SEG channel on front and back for graphics.

SEG Inside Out Light Boxes

Mounting Options: Ceiling

Large SEG light box structures that make a dramatic impact. LED light strips along top and bottom rails.

SEG 3D Cubes and Towers

Mounting Options: Ceiling or Floor

Unique profile and corner for cubes and triangular 3D prism shapes. Easy SEG graphic changeouts with quick and easy assembly.

SEG/LED Light Box Stands

Mounting Options: Floor (horizontal or vertical)

Stand out with a LED backdrop stand, featuring frames that can be set 24″, 12″ or closer to the floor.

LED SnapFrame Light Boxes

Mounting Options: Ceiling or Floor

Illuminate your messaging and your brand to grab attention without high-quality snap frame light boxes with front loading graphics.

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