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Privacy Screens for State & County Health Departments and Emergency Preparedness Teams

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Privacy Screens | Vaccine Booths | Sanitizer Stations

Healthcare plays a vital role in our communities, promoting public health and preparedness. This industry require versatile tools to communicate effectively, protect patient privacy, and maintain a professional presence. For emergency preparedness coordinators, state and county health departments, pharmacies, medical centers, hospitals, and others, the right displays make a huge difference.

US made privacy screens, vaccine booths, sign stands, and other display and print graphics will meet those demands. 

Here’s how we can help your health department or operations create impactful and functional solutions:

1. Portable Privacy Screens

Portable privacy screens, or privacy booths, are great for health departments, pharmacies, hospitals, and other medical facilities. These lightweight displays allow for easy transport, quick setup, and attractive branding. 

    • Maintain Patient Confidentiality: Our lightweight, collapsible privacy screens ensure patient privacy during consultations, vaccinations, and other medical services. We offer various sizes and configurations to suit different needs.

    • Eye-catching Branding: Customize the privacy screens with your department’s logo, messaging, or public health information, reinforcing brand recognition while promoting wellness initiatives.

    • Easy Setup and Storage: The portable design allows for quick set-up and breakdown, perfect for temporary clinics or outreach events.

2. Functional Vaccine Booths and Immunization Stations

For those that administer vaccines and immunization shots, vaccine booths can help create a more professional area to operate. Vaccination booths are used by health professionals in both permanent and temporary settings. 

    • Streamline Vaccination Process: Create organized and efficient vaccination booths with our modular display stands. Shelving and table options provide ample space for medical supplies, registration forms, and informational materials.

    • Clear Communication: Utilize vibrant print graphics to display vaccination schedules, eligibility requirements, and FAQs. This promotes informed decision-making while reducing the need for repetitive explanations.

    • Professional Image: Present a clean and professional appearance with branded elements, fostering trust and confidence in the community.

3. Informative Signage and Display Stands

Relaying the right information through signage and displays can help spread your message, improve wayfinding and traffic flow, and set your branding apart.

    • Communicate Vital Information: Our versatile display stands are ideal for showcasing important health information, public health announcements, and educational materials.

    • Multiple Display Options: Choose from banner stands, trifolds, or pop-up displays to suit your space and message.

    • Easy Updates: Easily update the graphic panels with new information as needed, ensuring your messaging remains current and relevant.

4. Branded Sanitizer Stations

Sanitizer stands, or sanitizer stations, are display stands that make dispensing sanitizer gel or wipes easy and attractive. From manual foot operated dispenser stands to automatic dispensers with branding options, these have been helping health departments and emergency preparedness teams for years. 

    • Encourage Hygiene Practices: Promote hand hygiene with aesthetically pleasing sanitizer stations featuring your department’s logo.

    • Multiple Functions: Combine the sanitizer dispenser with a display stand to provide additional public health information alongside promoting healthy habits.

    • Portable and Durable: Our lightweight and sturdy display stands ensure these stations can be conveniently located throughout your facilities.

5. Beyond the Basics

Our solutions extend beyond the examples listed above. We can partner with you to create custom display solutions for any need, including:

    • Directional signage to guide visitors within your facilities.

    • Information iPad kiosks for interactive public health education.

    • Backdrops and banner stands for press conferences and community events.

The Benefits of Our Display Stands

Our US made display stands provide a number of benefits to health departments and operations. 

    • Visually Appealing: Enhance the aesthetics of your public health spaces with professional-looking displays.

    • Branded Communication: Reinforce your department’s brand identity and build trust with the community.

    • Durable and Portable: Our display stands are built to last and can be easily transported for on-site events or outreach programs.

    • Cost-Effective: Provide a versatile and reusable solution that eliminates the need for multiple, disposable alternatives.

Ready to Elevate Your Health Department’s Displays and Privacy Solutions?

We understand the unique needs of public health departments and emergency preparedness teams. Contact us today to discuss how our custom display stands and print graphics can help you achieve your communication goals, ensure patient privacy, and promote a healthy community.

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